The New BPCM Podcast Series!

Greetings readers. Over the past few months, we’ve put out blogs in an effort to increase our media output and share facts about environmental issues as they relate to local residents. In order to continue this effort, we are in the midst of creating podcasts to share with you all. Our podcasts include interviews with Baltimoreans who are actively contributing to their communities as activists, organizers, teachers, musicians and in several other roles. These are folks who may or may not be well known but yet do what they can to make Baltimore a more fair and just place, particularly for those who experience continued repression in our city. Our inaugural episode in the series will feature Saché Jones of the No Boundaries Coalition, as well as a beautiful poem from our own Naadiya Hutchinson. It is now available on Soundcloud and Spotify. A new podcast will be released each month of this year.

While these blogs serve as a way to provide little known information that is clear & fact-based – recognizing that no one is without history and some level of bias – our podcasts will be a bit more casual. They are conversations aimed at getting to know community members and having them tell their stories. We hope that you will find them inspiring. Often it seems that in the world of social justice one person is made the face and voice of a movement and the same names are dropped over and over again. Meanwhile many others who carry the work forward go unnamed and unrecognized. We hope that the podcast series will expose you to locals who have shown their love and commitment to uplifting Baltimore, ultimately offering examples of ways that you can also do your part to better your life, neighborhood or community. If you have any suggestions for people we should interview, please feel free to contact us on any of our platforms including email, social media or the website.

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